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Reviewed : Jul 5, 2020
" Ticket Booking ID 1538060 "
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Complaint against Rehlat Agent Services:

This is with regards to my refund request long pending since March 2020. booking ID: 1538060

I am extremely angry and disappointed at the way the Rehlat office is handling my request. And I have emailed Rehlat several times and have been getting the same response that their dedicated team will get back to me more than 20 times since the 2nd of March. This is totally unacceptable.

The so called Rehlat?s dedicated team or support team has not
got back to me yet!!

My patience is running out as we know that it is entirely Rehlat?s mistake and not of the Airlines.

Rehlat agency needs to respect their clients. Hereafter I will not deal with any of Rehlat?s offices nor will I recommend them anymore.

Also note, I am working for the Service Industry and my recommendations to our clients and customers are taken very seriously. Rehlat?s reputation is at stake here.

To brief you on my story,

On the 2nd of March at 7:30 AM. I had to travel for an emergency situation by an early morning Flight to Dubai and I contacted the Rehlat agency online in Kuwait for two tickets. Rehlat took all the required details from me and were willing to issue my tickets. They assured me that it would take only about 15 ? 20 minutes to process my tickets. I paid for the tickets online and informed them immediately that I was on my way to the airport as I had about 90 minutes to board my flight. They asked me not to worry and my tickets would be issued in time.

Unfortunately, imagine my shock and panic when I reached the counter, NO Tickets were issued in my name in the system by Rehlat.

The Airlines desk tried their best to contact Rehlat but to no avail. I too called Rehlat. They did not issue the tickets.

Later, I was asked by Rehlat to pay directly with the airlines at the counter for new 2 tickets. for which I did as I had no option but to travel on that flight.
Rehlat reassured me that they would refund my money for the earlier two tickets within 2 ? 3 days.

But It has been 4 months now and I have not yet received the refund for my first bookings.

Therefore, I totally blame Rehlat for their terribly poor service and demand to get the full refund.

I will not tolerate any loss for Rehlat?s stupid mistakes.

Rehlat, I urge you to find a solution to my issue or else it will be bad for your reputation.

Abdulkarim Airan

Shopped at : March, 2020
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